Very Difficult



Waiting some more.

Trying to be patient.Jan 18 2015 Very difficult

Wondering what’s going to happen.

Wondering if anything is going to happen.

Joseph was in prison.

For something he didn’t do.

He knew God was with him – God had proven that to him over and over.

Now Joseph was put in charge of the prison so he had a lot of freedom…..but he was still in prison.

Joseph had interpreted the baker and cupbearer’s dreams and asked them to remember him when they got out of prison.  They forgot.

And, two years later, Joseph was still in prison.  Two years.

He had to be wondering if anything else was going to happen.

It’s been a long time.

A very long time.

Am I supposed to take care of it on my own?

We get these thoughts, don’t we?

So we try to take control of situations and we mess it all up.

I recently had a family situation happen and I wanted to intervene.  I need to say something.  I needed to do something.  I even had myself convinced that it was my responsibility to do these things.

But, when I prayed about it, I could never get the ‘go ahead’ from God.

Very frustrating!

So I prayed some more and I knew I was not supposed to get involved.

Even more frustrating!

Finally, I received a call and found out that God had worked it all out – without me saying or doing anything!  And he had orchestrated it all in a much better way than I would have ever been able to.



Trusting.  That’s what it comes down to – trusting God.  We don’t have to wonder if he’s at work – he has promised that is taking care of it for us.

As he was for Joseph.

Two years later, Pharoah had a dream and the cupbearer finally remembered Joseph who is still sitting in prison.  When Joseph correctly interpreted the dream, Pharoah made him ruler of Egypt second only to himself.

How’s that for a plan?

In this role, Joseph was able to save Egypt and his own family from starvation in the great famine that was coming.


Knowing God is at work.

Trusting – that’s the key.

Please help us grow our trust in you, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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