Our Burning Bush

While he was out doing his job of herding sheep, Moses saw a bush that was on fire but didn’t burn up.Jan 22a 2015 our burning bush

It caught his attention.

He went over to look.

And God spoke to him.

God opened Moses’ eyes to what he had planned  for the people of Israel and he gave Moses an outline of the mission that God was sending him on.

Moses was reluctant to do what God told him.

He was standing on holy ground next to a supernatural phenomenon.  He was up close and personal, talking with the Creator of the Universe.

And Moses was reluctant to serve.

Today, it’s not every day that we get a burning bush moment with God….but it happens.  God still knows how to get our attention if we’re not giving it to him.  He throws up red flags like letting situations go terribly wrong, allowing issues to get really messy, and letting people hit rock bottom where the only place they have to look is up.

But, most of the time, God speaks to us first in whispers.  That’s why we need to be listening.  If we’re paying attention, the Holy Spirit will open our eyes and urge us forward in the purpose God has planned for our lives.

Many times, this happens to us as we’re reading God’s word or talking with God because that’s when he’s got our attention.  We’re focused on him so we can hear him.

As we grow closer to God, his voice gets louder and we can hear him more clearly.  We are gradually thinking more in line with God and he’s renewing our hearts so that we care for the things he cares about.  More and more, we love the things he loves.

So, we  are naturally more in tune with what he’s saying.  God has room in our hearts and minds to work and communicate.  The farther down this road of faith we travel, the easier it is for God to get our attention.

We don’t need a burning bush.

We’re listening closely, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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