Tassels of Remembrance

God told the Israelites to put tassels of blue cord on the corners of their garments.  When they looked at these tassels, they would be reminded of all of God’s commands and that they were supposed to obey them.  I bought a prayer shawl for my husband when I was in Jerusalem last year and it had several tassels on it.  Devout Jews still wear tassels every day – to remind them to obey.

Where are our tassels?March 6 2015 a tassels of remembrance

What are we doing to help us remember God’s commands so we can obey him?

A lot of people post scripture in their homes – on mirrors, on walls, on refrigerators.

Many of us have scripture in frames or on plaques hung on our walls.  One of my favorites is a picture of several hot air balloons going over some mountains and its hung in my office at work.  It reads  “Faith is holding onto God’s dreams and watching your own come true.”  It’s not a scripture but its a blessing that God has made happen in my life.  It reminds me of the many years God has been faithful to me – in all situations.  And it challenges me to ‘press on’ with obedience in anticipation of what God has planned for me in the future.

Another very effective way to always have scripture available to help change our thinking and change our behavior is to memorize it.  For those of you who are taking on the challenge of memorizing James 1 with me, I know you are feeling the blessings like I am.  We aren’t quite done – we have a couple of more verses to go.  But I already can say that I not only know James 1.  I also feel James 1.  The wisdom in this chapter is woven through my mind.  It has become a part of my thinking process.

How amazing!

What a blessing!

And its all because I did my part and God showed up and did his part.

What are your tassels of remembrance?

Do you need some more?

Please help us remember, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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