Snares and Traps

Do we have people in our lives who create snares and traps for us?  Do they influence us to do things we shouldn’t do?  To say things we shouldn’t say?

Joshua warned the Israelites in Joshua 23 not to associate themselves with the pagan survivors who still lived in the Promised Land.  He reminded them that God would not accept this behavior and it would cause them to perish.March 15 2015 snares and traps

These relationships would become whips on their backs – causing them pain and anguish.

These relationships would become thorns in their eyes – clouding their ability to see the truth and walk in the light.

The decisions we make about who to associate with are just as important today.  These relationship can either encourage us to grow on our path of faith or they will become stumbling blocks to our growth.  These relationships will either push us onward as we run this race of faith or they will ensnare us, holding back the transformation God has planned for us as he molds us to become more like Jesus.

We make the choice.

Please help us choose wisely, dear Father.

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