Hannah’s Prayer 2015

I rejoice and lift my hands to the Lord.

My God has given me freedom from other things that would battle for my soul.

There is no one like God, our Rock.March 26 2015 Hannah's prayer 2015

People who are full of pride and arrogance should watch out!  Because God knows.  He is the judge.

Our God walks beside us to give us strength when we stumble.

Our God provides for us when we are hungy.

Our God knows our deepest yearnings and gives us just what we need.

The Lord controls life and death,

poverty and wealth.

He decides who will be exalted and who needs to be humbled.

Our Lord brings honor to those who are poor and needy.

Our God is the creator of everything.

He takes care of those who are faithful.  He will make sure the wicked pay the final price for their choices in a dark, silent place.

Our strength comes from God.

Anyone who opposes the Lord will be judged.

God alone knows and controls the future….

our future is in his hands.

Thank you, Abba Father!

One thought on “Hannah’s Prayer 2015

  1. dc harris

    Yes! I am so glad God knows all. Where can we go from His Spirit? This brings me peace knowing God deals with us all. We just need to be listening well. Thanks for the encouragement.

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