Do It!

It bothered David that he was now living in a palace while the ark of the covenant of the Lord was in a tent.April 9 2015 Do it.

When David told Nathan the prophet what he was worried about, Nathan told David that he should do something about it.  It was on David’s mind and Nathan reminded David that God was with him.

If this conversation happened today, it might sound something like this:

David: Nathan, I can’t stop thinking about the ark of the Lord sitting over there in that tent while I sit in this big palace.  It’s really bugging me.

Nathan:  Why do you think that’s bugging you, David?  You know how God is always talking to you.  Do you think this is God telling you to fix this situation?  If so, you better do something about it.

As we read God’s word today, Nathan is saying the same thing to us.  God is always trying to talk to us.  His Spirit lives within all of us who believe.  When we are being ‘bugged’ by thoughts, we need to meditate on God’s word to us.  We need to figure out what God is telling us to do and then do it!

The more we listen, the louder God’s voice becomes.

Thank you, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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