Psalm 3, 2015

There are so many thoughts and feelings fighting within me, dear God.

There are problems and situations rising up all around me!

I find myself often thinking that you aren’t in control of this.  That you aren’t going to work this one out for my good.

But I know, dear Lord, that you protect me.April 14 2015 Psalm 3

I know that your power within me can lift my head up high so I can see you.

So I can focus on you.

When I call out to you, you always answer.

I can sleep at night because you are with me.

I have no fear because I know that you love me and give me strength.

Deliver me from all the things that distract my attention away from you.

As a wave of other people’s voices washes over me, dear God, help me to hear only yours.

I know you will deliver me, God.

You have proved your faithfulness to me.

May your blessing be on us, your people.

Thank you, Abba Father.

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