Our Foolishness

Our bad choices.

Our rationalizations.

Our blind spots.

How do we react when we realize that we’ve been foolish?April 26 2015 our foolishness.

One of King David’s redeeming qualities was his ability to admit his foolishness and genuinely repent.  He sometimes had trouble seeing his sin because he was lost in his own head – focused on his own plans.  So we read that God brought people into David’s life to help him see his bad decisions.

When David finally realized his foolishness, he was always repentant.  And we see God forgiving David over and over….and over.

Just like God forgives us- over and over…..and over.

Dear Abba Father, Please help us to be quick to recognize our sin and foolishness and quickly repent from those choices.  We know that repenting means to turn away, to stop doing what we’re doing.  We need your strength for that, dear Father.  And perseverance.  We are looking for wisdom and insight like it as silver, dear God.  We are searching for understanding and knowledge like it was hidden treasure.  We know all wisdom and understanding comes from you and you generously give it to us when we ask.  We are asking now.  Thank you.  In the awesome name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

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