Psalm 146, 2015

Praise the Lord!

My praise comes from the bottom of my heart!May 9 2015 Psalm 146

I will praise you all of my life!

As long as I live, I will be singing praises to you, God!

I will not put my trust in human beings.  We will all die at some time and then all of our plans are worthless.

I know that you bless us when we put our hope and trust in you.

You, God, are the maker of all things.  And you will be faithful to us and all of your creation forever.

You care about the oppressed and you feed the hungry.  I should do that, too.

You free us from being prisoners to sin!

You open our eyes to the truth!

When we humble ourselves and bow our knees before you, you lift us up.  You make us whole.  You shine your light on us.

You love those who walk in obedience to your directions.

You watch over the lonely….the forgotten….those that don’t ‘fit in’.  I should do that, too.

You have a special place in your heart for orphans and widows.  I want that, too.

You, my God, make sure that those who are wicked and unrighteous pay the consequences for their choices.  You frustrate them.  Their plans are worthless because you are working against them.

But you are always on my side.  Thank you!

You are my God and you reign forever!  From generation to generation!

I praise you, dear Father!

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