Why does God tell us so often in his word to avoid wicked people and to keep away from those who would lead us away from him?  In the last verse of James 1, God tells us that true religion is to keep from being polluted by this world.

Why?May 27 2015 Why

Because it happens all of the time.  It happens before we realize it.  The rotten culture that surrounds us sucks us in and we end up somewhere we don’t want to go.

Far from God.

Focused on worthless things as we deal with all of the negative consequences that come with our disobedience.

We read King Solomon’s sad story in 1 Kings of turning away from the One True God in order to serve various detestable idols.


Where did all of that magnificent wisdom we read in Proverbs go?  We are memorizing Proverbs 2 where God tells us through King Solomon that wisdom will save us from the ways of wicked men, from men whose words are perverse.  Why didn’t King Solomon follow his own directions?

I don’t know how you feel, but it’s a little frightening to see how far he wandered.  He had it all.  And he gave it up.  For idols made by men.


To make his wives happy.  He obviously thought that would make him happy.

How could he do this?  He knew the truth and yet, he turned away from it.


Because the lure of this world we live in has an extremely strong effect on us if we don’t keep our eyes focused on God.  Satan and his team work night and day to distract us from God in any way possible.  They know that if they can get us to wander even a little bit, they’ve got us.  Because everything of the world calls out to our sinful desires.  And we are enticed.  And our eyes shift off of God onto ourselves.  Onto what we want.  Onto what we think will make us happy.

That’s what happened to King Solomon.  The wisest man who ever lived.

Please hold us very close, dear Father and help us keep our eyes on you.

What do you think?

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