Our High Places…….

the places in our minds and hearts that we keep for ourselves.

Our behaviors that aren’t right but we accept them – that’s just how we are.June 3 2014 our high places

Our thoughts that are negative, mean and selfish – but we keep going back there.

Our actions that are not in line with God’s directions to us…….but we’re ok with them.  Or we just ignore them.  They aren’t THAT bad.

These are our high places.

We keep them separate from our relationship with God.  We don’t let his redeeming power into these places.  They are ours.

When Jehoshaphat in 1 Kings cleaned up the evil in Judah, he kept some high places which were places for idol worship.  He didn’t remove them and we read that the people still had not set their hearts on God.  They hadn’t fully committed.  They kept the high places which separated them from fully experiencing the love and blessing and protection of God.

What are our high places?

What is holding us back from being fully, totally committed to God?

This last year has been eye-opening for me.  I would have said I was full committed to God before but, since I’ve started seriously memorizing his word, I’m discovering a whole new level of interaction with God.  His words roll around in my head all day long.  I find knew meaning and understanding as I memorize each verse that I never got from just reading it – even though I’ve read it over and over.  God is expanding my insight and wisdom as he writes  over the lies and misunderstandings in my brain with his truth – a truly supernatural process.

We read good news in 2 Chronicles that Judah prospered and Jehoshaphat’s faith grew.  He became devoted to the Lord and finally removed all of the high places from Judah.

There is no better time than today – right now – to open up our high places to our Father of Grace and become fully committed to God.

Please help us grow and become completely devoted to you, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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