What is Required of Us?

God expects us to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with him.  He tells us this in Micah 6.June 27 2015 real one

Act justly – to know what is right and to do it.  Often this means doing the opposite of what other people around us are doing because we are doing what is right in God’s eyes, not our own eyes.  God blesses us when we obey him.

Love mercy – mercy is showing love and compassion to those who need it but don’t deserve it.  They haven’t earned it.  And they will never earn it.  God sets the example by giving us mercy and expects us to show mercy to others – unmerited love and compassion.

Walk humbly with our God – we need to humbly submit to God’s will, every day.  He asks us to bow our knees as we let him take over more and more areas of our lives.  I love how this scripture describes our relationship with God as a walk.

It’s a process.

A journey.

One step at a time.

Sometimes just baby steps, but they’re in the right direction.

And sometimes we’re just crawling.

Then there are those times when we are taking steps backwards when we don’t submit and decide to do something our way.   These are not happy times.  God often disciplines us when we choose to ignore  him.  He lets us pay the consequences for these decisions until, hopefully, our eyes are opened.  Our heart is softened.  And we turn back to God with a heart full of repentance.  We humbly submit.  We bow our knees.

And we start moving down the right path again with God.

Toward completeness.

Toward wisdom.

Toward spiritual maturity.

Dear God, we bow our knees and ask you to help us act justly, love mercy and stay on the straight path of light right next to you.  Thank you Abba Father.


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