A Shoot

A shoot from the lineage of Jesse came to earth to save it and fulfill the plans of his Father.

God’s spirit rested on him, giving him wisdom,


wise counsel,



and respect for the Lord.

His name is Jesus.

And his life reflected a perfect understanding and respect for God.

He does not judge by what is on the outside – he knows our hearts.  He does not make decisions based on what he hears – he knows the truth – God’s truth.

When he judges, he does it perfectly.

When he came to earth from heaven to live, he struck the earth with his words – exposing sin and forever changing what we know about love and compassion and submitting to God.

Jesus did the right things everyday.

His faithful obedience to God was evident in every aspect of his life.

Jesus is God’s revelation of himself so we might know him.

And want to be more like him.

Amen, let it be so, Abba Father.


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