Know How to Blush


Unresolved issues.

Things that are going on that are just plain wrong.July 28 2015 Know how to blush

God tells us in Jeremiah 8 to not ignore these things.   There were many issues at this time that the leaders needed to address.

But they looked the other way and acted like these were not serious problems.  They called it ‘peace’ when there really was no peace.

This way they could avoid having to confront any of the behaviors going on.  They ignored it all, acting like it wasn’t anything big.  As a result, they didn’t have to face the shame they should have been feeling.

Do we ever do this?

Avoid the issue?

Act like it isn’t a big thing?

Say something is ok when it really isn’t ok?

Ignore the problem so we don’t have to deal with the shame of our behavior?

God said, “They do not even know how to blush.” (vs 12)

There was no shame.

No turning to God for help in getting their problems solved.

No repentance.

As a result, no renewal.

No fresh wind of God’s spirit.

Only a false peace which was leading them down a path to punishment for their sins.

And they didn’t even know how to blush.

Please open our eyes, Abba Father.

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