In the Wastelands……

dwelling in the parched places of the desert,July 31 2015 in the wasteland

in a salt land where no one lives.

Since I live in Phoenix, these verses from Jeremiah 17 have a special meaning for me in the summer.  It’s a killing heat if you get lost out in those parched places where no one lives.

God is telling us that we are choosing to live in the wasteland, in the parched places when our heart is turned away from him.

And he promises, “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord,” (vs 7 ).

When our confidence is in God, not ourselves, we become like a tree planted by the eternal stream of living water, sending our roots deep into God.  When we live there, we have no reason to fear when the heat comes.

And we know the heat will come – unexpected issues, problems and crisis.

When our lives are planted firmly in God, our leaves stay green – even when the heat hits.  We have no worries about a drought because God is always faithful.

And we never fail to bear fruit because God is with us….

and we are drinking deep……

as we live firmly planted by his stream of living water.

Dear Abba Father, please help us grow our roots down deep into your truth and your grace.  We love you!

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