Trying To Get Our Attention

Attempting to cut through the din of noise that surrounds us.

Trying to squeeze into a small slot of time in our packed schedules.

Waiting for even just a few brief moments when our attention isn’t totally focused on ourselves.august 19 2015 trying to get our attention

This is how I imagine God spends a lot of his time – just trying to get us to focus on him for more than a few fleeting thoughts during our day.

He wants to guide us.

He wants to give us wisdom.

He wants to heal our brokenness and bring us joy.

If we would just let him.

Give him some space in our lives.

Give him some time.

As we read Ezekiel, we see God using the image of a polished and sharpened sword as he tried to get the people’s attention.  He described the slaughter and slashing and striking that was coming if the people didn’t repent and turn back to him.

But none of these warnings had any affect on the people of Judah.  They continued to ignore Ezekiel.

They continued to ignore God.

Any of us reading this story today would say they should have listened.  We have the benefit of hindsight.  They should have repented and got their act together.  Really bad things were coming their way – couldn’t they see they needed to get close to God?  Couldn’t they understand that God was reaching out to them through Ezekiel – trying to get their attention?

Just like God is reaching out to us today through Ezekiel?

He is trying to get more of our attention.

We know what the people of Judah did – they ignored God.

The question is – what are we going to do?

What do you think?

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