Roaming Throughout the Earth

Satan told God in the beginning of the book of Job that he had come to heaven after roaming throughout the earth. (vs 7).

He is still roaming the earth today.Sept 8 2015 roaming throughout the earth

He is very real.

He is totally consumed with evil.

He has an enormous team  of evil spirits working for him.

And they are watching us.

Figuring out our weak points and then tempting us in those areas.

They take the truth and twist it….just a little bit.  Just enough so it’s not true anymore.  Then they whisper it in our ears….if we’re listening….when our guard is down….when we’re angry….when we haven’t spent much time with God so we’re not grounded…we’re wandering…..down the paths of sin as we listen to their prodding.

And Satan smiles.

When a believer gives into temptation, Satan is delighted.

He won that battle.

He is very real.

His army of evil is very real.

We see evidence of this everyday.

We see Satan’s work in our churches as well when people are critical instead of encouraging, causing dissension rather than praying, more interested in their own comfort and agenda than God’s purpose and agenda.  I know you’ve seen this happen because it happens all the time.

Satan is very real.  He is roaming the earth today.

Please protect us and give us wisdom, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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