The Writing On The Wall

The decisions we make.

What we choose to do.

How we live our lives.

All of these choices cause other things to happen to us.


The decisions we make set off a chain of events – good or bad.

It’s the ‘handwriting on the wall’.

God gave me a strategic – thinking brain which means that my brain connects everything.  I can connect events and decisions backwards to understand how I got where I’m at today.  And I can connect the dots forward to the future based on decisions that I’m making today.  It’s very clear to me where these choices are going to take me.

I can also do this as I watch others make decisions and choices.  It all connects in my brain.  Sometimes it almost feels like I can predict the future because each action leads to the next action and it’s moving in an obvious (to me) direction.

I can see the ‘writing on the wall.”

I enjoy reading again the historical account in Daniel when King Belshazzar  decided to hold a big party and he brought out the gold goblets that had been taken from the Lord’s temple in Jerusalem.  Not a smart move, Belshazzar!

A human hand appeared and wrote something on the wall while the king watched.  His knees were knocking and his legs became weak as he watched the hand move across the wall.

None of the king’s wise men could interpret what the hand had written so Daniel was called into the party.  Daniel had a reputation for being able to interpret dreams when no one else could.

Daniel told the king the words said that, because of the king’s actions and behavior, God had decided to end his reign and his kingdom would be split up.  Belshazzar lacked the humbleness and wisdom that his father had when God put him in his position of being king.  His sacrilegious use of the temple goblets while praising false gods was the last straw.

The king died that night.

It was the writing on the wall.

The king’s actions and behavior had led to this.

Just like our choices and decisions determine our direction.

It all connects.

Please give us wisdom to make decisions that help us go in the right direction, Abba Father.


2 thoughts on “The Writing On The Wall

  1. Great post! The story of Daniel and the writing on the wall has always fascinated me. It was very interesting how you connected it to being able to recognize patterns and discern motives. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks! I had heard the old saying, ‘ I can read the handwriting on the wall’ which meant I could tell where this was leading and I was delighted the first time I really read Daniel to see that it came from the Bible. A real hand writing on the wall. One of my favorites!

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