Mysterious Ways

Not one but two pagan Persian rulers decreed that the Temple of God in Jerusalem should be rebuilt.  And the second one also decreed that the Persian government was going to pay for it!  And – amazingly – they also paid for the sacrifices that were going to be made in the temple to celebration its completion!Sept 25 2015 mysterious ways

What was up?

This is hard to believe.

It doesn’t make sense!

It was God.  He was using pagan kings to rebuild his temple.

He is the same today.

He can use anybody anywhere to do his will.  And he does.

They don’t have to be believers and they don’t have to be listening to him.

God is in total control of all creation.  Of all creatures.

He will accomplish his purposes perfectly, using whatever and whoever he wants.

When we are in tune with God, we will see what he’s doing and be able to join him even when his activity shows up in the most unlikely places…in the most unusual circumstances….in the most mysterious ways.

We’re listening and watching, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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