HIS Story

It’s significant, as we read the Chronological Bible, that we don’t reach the New Testament until the middle of October.

Three-quarters of our year is spent reading, studying, and meditating on the Old Testament.Oct 17 2015 HIS Story

This is HIS Story.  And the Old Testament is a very big part of HIS Story.

God wants us know him.  He is the same as he was 2000+ years ago.  He will always be the same.

His love.

His provision.

His grace – even before he sent his son, Jesus.

His direction and guidance.

His righteousness.

His promises.

We know our Father God more intimately when we know and understand the Old Testament.

The Old Testament is vital to our ‘knowing’ God – that’s why we just spent 9 months reading and meditating on it.

9 months!  How appropriate!

With a smile on our faces, we now turn the page to the New Testament.

The most important event in human history is about to take place.

“For God so loved the world…”

Thank you, Abba Father!

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