So Much More

They were looking for an earthly king.

With armies and chariots.Oct 30 2015 king of kings

With palaces and thrones.

With lots of banquets and women.

Instead of an earthly king, God sent the King of all Kings.

This King of Kings had no use for earthly palaces or thrones.  His place was at the right hand of his father in heaven so he didn’t even need a foxhole on earth.

He had no use for banquets or women.  All of his needs were met by his father.  The responsibility of the eternal future of all people was laid upon him.  He had much more important things to do with his time….

like touching a young boy bringing him back to life.

like speaking a word so a blind man could see, a deaf man could hear, and a sick woman would be healed.

He had armies of angels at his command.

He controlled the sun and the wind and the sea.  The storms calmed with one word from this King.

The people were expecting an earthly king,

but God send so much more.

His own son….

to save us,

to redeem us,

to love us.

Thank you, Abba Father.



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