Waste of Time

It’s a waste of time to try to figure out when Jesus is coming back.  Jesus tells us several times in the gospels to be prepared each day because no one knows the date and time he will return except for the Father.November 12 2015 a waste of time

Jesus directs us to keep watch.

To be ready.

There are no commands to try to interpret Revelations so we can point it out when all of the events are lining up.  He doesn’t tell us to critically watch world events so we can identify the third seal and the fourth seal.

I have actually had more than one person say to me that Jesus can’t come back yet because something they are interpreting in Revelations hasn’t happened yet.

Oh, really?!

I think Jesus meant it when he said it was not for us to know that date and time the Father has determined he will come back.

Our misinterpretations will not stop him from coming back today if that is what the Father has planned.

Jesus tells us not to focus on predicting when he will return.  He clearly commands us to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul and mind.  And love our neighbors as ourselves.

These are our priorities today.

We should always be prepared for Jesus’ return.  We do this by listening and obeying.


Because today could be the day.

Come, Lord Jesus.


What do you think?

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