We Make It Too Hard

We get lost in the details and we lose sight of the big picture.

We want to follow God but we let obstacles get in our way.

We say we get confused because God doesn’t give us step-by-step instructions.

Do we really want to devote our lives to a god who gives us step-by-step instructions?

To a god who doesn’t work through each of us uniquely?  Personally?  Supernaturally?

We say we don’t have time.

Don’t get me started!  If I started listed all of the ways we waste time, there would be no end to the list.  Time is only an obstacle to our relationship with God if we let it be an obstacle.

“I don’t know how to follow God.”

Seriously?  There are buildings called Christian Book Stores that are filled with resources on how to follow God.  Amazon has a ton of resources that can be at your front door tomorrow.  Churches and Bible study groups are everywhere.

My Bible is my most valuable resource in learning to know and love God.  Today it is open to John 15, “I am the vine, you are the November 15 2015 we make it too hardbranches.  If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing.”


Be still.

Be consistent.


Store up his words within us.

Call out for insight.

Cry aloud for understanding.

Search for God’s wisdom like it is hidden treasure.

When we commit to a serious relationship with God, he grows his fruit through us.  A lot of fruit.

Or, we can choose to do ‘nothing’ of value to God on our own.

God has made it very clear.

We have a choice to make every day.

We choose you, Abba Father.

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