Children of the Promise

We are Abraham’s offspring.

We are his children by faith.

We are children of the promise.dec 8 2015 children of the promise

Paul explains to us in Romans 9 that Abraham gave birth to the Jewish nation by the physical birth of Isaac.

But Abraham’s offspring are those who believe.  Those whose faith is in God.  These are his children.

As children of the promise, our roots go way back into ancient Biblical times.  When our new year starts in just a couple of weeks, we will be turning back to ‘In the beginning’ as we start with page 1 of the Bible again.  The Old Testament. Some people question why we study the Old Testament.  Why do we memorize it?  Why is it important to understand God’s words to us in the Old Testament?

Because that is where we come from.

Who we are was created in the Garden of Eden.

The sin and violence which fills our TV screens today is the same rebellion against God that fills the pages of the Old Testament.

We get the chance to know more about God as we read about his interactions with our biblical ancestors before the Light of Jesus full of truth and grace came into our world.

These are our roots.

Where we come from.

Children of the Promise.

Thank you, Abba Father.

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