Alive and Active

New today.

Different tomorrow.

And then new again the next day.Dec 23 2015 alive and active

God’s Word is living.


And God speaks through it with the message we need to hear today.

Tomorrow he will say something different.

It’s the same physical words on the page – but a new personal meaning.

Providing guidance for me today.

Providing wisdom for the situation I’m in right now.

Providing comfort or confidence – depending on what I need.

Right now.

God’s word is active.

His truth dives into my mind and cuts out the lies.

Through his words, he wraps his arms around me when I need to feel  his love for me.

He also shakes me out of my comfort zone as his words jump off of the page to challenge me.

His words are reaching out to change us,

remold us,

transform us into the people he created us to be.

In 2 weeks, we will be flipping back to ‘In the beginning’.

To read it all again – but it won’t be the same message we received last year.

God has new things to say to us in 2016.  Revealing old truths that have always been there but God will use them in our lives in a new way this time.  As we listen, He will speak more wisdom into our lives as we continue to mature in our spiritual walk.

His word is alive!


Straight from our Heavenly Father.

Thank you, Abba.

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