Revelation 7, 2015 – Real Security

They are in heaven.

Before the throne of God.December 28 2015 Real Security

They have the joy and honor of serving God all day and all night.

In his temple.

They are always in the shadow of God’s presence.

They are never hungry – they are in the presence of the Bread of Heaven.

They are never thirsty – he who is the Living Water quenches every thirst.

Being in God’s presence is always comfortable.  It’s exactly where they want to be.

The Lamb on the throne is their Shepherd – he leads them.  He makes sure there is no reason for tears.


Life with God in heaven is the only real security we will ever have.

Revelation feels like the end because it’s the last book of the Bible.

But it’s not the end.  It describes the beginning of the rest of our story.

After our reason for living on earth is done, we get to live in the presence and security of our Father God forever.

We can’t even imagine it because our 3.5 pound brains are so limited.  We try to put it all into the context of what we know and it just doesn’t fit.

But God has promised that we will be home – with him.

And that’s enough.  We can trust him with the rest.

Thank you, Abba Father.

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