The Important Stuff

Significant information overload.

It’s happening right now.Jan 3 2016 the important stuff

Too much information and more pouring in every minute.

We can’t deal with it all – we have to sift through it to figure out the important stuff.

And it’s not easy.

God knows we struggle with this so he put all the ‘important stuff’ he wants us to know in his word to us – the Bible.

I am reminded of all the things God didn’t include in the Bible as I’m once again reading the story of Noah.  All of the animals entered the ark with Noah and ‘the Lord shut him in’.  For forty days the earth flooded and then the water receded in 150 days.

That’s what God tells us – not a lot of details about what was going on in the ark.

In the most recent movie version of this historical event, they showed Noah and his family using some kind of smoke to keep the animals asleep.  Interesting!  With their limited space, this would make a lot of sense!

Maybe that’s what happened.

And maybe not.

It’s not the important stuff so God didn’t include it.

And this helps us focus back to God’s word to us in the Bible.  This is what he wants us to know.

This is what he wants us to study.

This is what he wants us to memorize.

This is the important stuff.

Thank you, Abba Father.

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