A Warped and Crooked Generation



Moses used these words in Deuteronomy 32 to describe the Israelites thousands of years ago.

These are great words to use in describing our culture today.March 8 2016 a warped and crooked generation

Crooked – our culture doesn’t think anything is wrong unless it hurts someone….and then its only wrong if you get caught.

Warped – how many of the TV shows we have recorded on our DVRs would we watch if Jesus walked into our living room to watch it with us?

Crooked – we run up our credit cards to buy stuff we pile into our garages so the new car we bought with the $600 a month payment sits in the rain out on our driveway.

Warped – our culture is addicted to everything.  We’re looking to fill the holes in our heart with drugs, alcohol, shopping, TV, food, sports, exercising….you name it, we’re addicted to it.

We are a warped and crooked generation which desperately needs a Savior.

The great news is that our Savior has come!

He has paid the price.

And he wants to redeem us from our emptiness and get rid of the lies that fill our minds.

He came to find those who were lost….and make them whole.

And when we believe, when we ask Jesus to save us and lead us, our eternal relationship with him begins.

This is the Great News of Jesus Christ who came to save this warped and crooked generation.

Thank you, Jesus!

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