Resurrected Lord!

Easter is – by far – my favorite holiday.ftdDSC_0558

There are definitely fewer distractions from the main reason for the holiday than with Christmas.  A visit from the Easter Bunny just isn’t that exciting.

Easter comes in the spring when the plants are blooming, the sun is shining and the cold, dark days of winter are behind us.  Yes, I live in Phoenix now so I’m not describing our beautiful, warm winters :).  But I grew up in the freezing northern area of the midwest, so I know all about dark winter days, weeks and months.

And then comes Easter!  We celebrate the redemption that Christ Jesus gave us by dying on the cross and rising again!  Hallelujah!

Satan thought he had won – what a fool!

It is finished.  The grave is empty and Jesus gives us victory over sin and death!  (picture is of an empty garden tomb in Jerusalem which is the right type and in the right place to have been Jesus’ tomb).

Thank you, Father!  Thank you, Jesus!


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