The Giver

He gives us everything we have.

Our families.

Our jobs.

Our skills and talents.

Where we live.


The air we breathe.

Our next heartbeat is a gift from him.

The Giver.

This is one of my favorite names for our Father God.

Because he gives…..

and gives.

He never get tired of giving the very best things to us, his children.

He gave us his only Son –

that we might have redemption and purpose here on earth followed by eternal life in heaven with the Giver.

In 1 Samuel 8, Samuel starkly contrasts the differences between earthly kings (and governments) and our heavenly king.  The earthly kings (and governments) just keep taking –March 28 2016 The giver

taking sons to serve in the army.

taking daughters to cook in the kitchens.

taking the best of the land and a tenth of all crops.

The earthly king takes a tenth of the flocks as well.

Eventually, everyone is a slave working for the earthly king.

Unlike our heavenly king who has given us everything.

Yes, he asks us to give some back.

But not because he needs it.

He knows we need to be able to give it.  We need to be able to put God’s kingdom before the other things we want to do with our money, time and possessions.

He knows whats best for us.  He wants the best for us.

Let our gratitude grow as we think about all God has given us!

Thank you, Abba Father!

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