A Foolish Thing

Oh, yes.

We do a foolish thing..

We say a foolish thing…

We buy a foolish thing…

We make a foolish choice.

It happens to all of us.April 16 2016 a foolish thing

As we read 2 Samuel, we see King David doing many good and courageous things.

And also some very foolish things.

But he was still called ‘A Man After God’s own heart” because, when he sees the wrong things he does, he admits it.

He repents.

He deals positively with the negative consequences of his choices.

And he praises God through the whole experience.

David is a good role-model for us.  When we mess up – and we will! – God wants us to own up to it, turn away from the sin and turn towards God.

Unfortunately, many of us get mad or frustrated when we are confronted with our foolishness.  Worse yet – we deny it.  We blame it on someone else.

Too often, when we don’t like experiencing the consequences for our foolish choices, we turn away from God and stop doing the things that help grow our relationship with him like participating in worship and reading God’s word.

Foolishness upon foolishness!

When we own up to our weaknesses and sin, God opens up his arms, ready to hold us close so we can feel his love and grace as we walk through the mess that is the result of our foolishness.  He lights our way and gives us strength to grow through the trials.  All of our trials.

Just like he did with King David thousands of years ago.

Thank you, Abba Father.

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