Everything Is Yours

Everything we have comes from God.

Do we really believe this?  Do we let this fact change how we manage our treasures, time and talents?

If we do, then we are the path to becoming good stewards that God is looking for.

One of my favorite biblical mental pictures is from 1 Chronicles 29 when David is amassing huge piles of gold, silver, bronze and precious stones to be used in April 19 2016 everything is yoursbuilding the temple for God.

I see David standing in the middle of this fortune with his hands raised to the sky as he acknowledges in front of everyone that all of this – and everything – comes from God.

Let’s join him –

We lift up our praise to you, Lord, our God and Father, forever!

You have all the greatness..

all the power…

all the glory…

all of the majesty..

and all of the splendor!

Everything in heaven and on earth is yours.

You, oh Lord, own everything and are in control of it all!

Any wealth or honor we have comes from you.

You rule over everything!

Only you are able to give strength and power to us.

Now, our God, we give you our thanks and we praise your glorious name!

Thank you, Abba Father!


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