Psalm 19, 2016

Just look around!

Creation shouts out how awesome our God is!

Look up in the sky!

This was all created by God.April 29 psalm 29 2016

Every morning as the sun rises, it proclaims the faithfulness of God.

Night after night, the moon and stars reveal God’s protection over us.

They have no words – yet their voice goes out over all of the earth.

The sun appears each day at God’s command and crosses the sky to give warmth to all of God’s creation.

God’s law is perfect – it gives us peace and joy.

God’s word can be trusted to make us wise.

God’s directions are perfect for us.

God’s commands light our way.

When we respect and obey God, our lives are lined up with him.

God’s directions are always correct and they never change.  They are more precious to us than anything else.

When we obey, there is great reward.

Forgive us for our disobedience, dear Father.  Sin that we know about and those we are unaware of.  Help us stay away from sinful desires and actions so that loving you can be the most important desire we have in our lives.

May our words and thoughts please you, Lord.

Our Rock and Redeemer.

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