Psalm 27, 2016

The Lord lights up my life!

He has saved me!  I’m not afraid of anything.

The Lord is the rock that my life is built on.  I have nothing to fear.May 10 2016 psalm 27

When people turn against me, trying to hurt me, they are the ones that get hurt.

Even when it feels like I’m surrounded by problems and trials, I am not afraid.  I am confident God is on my side.

There is only one thing I ask.  Only one thing I desire with all of my heart.

And that is to know God all the days of my life.

To know his beauty and majesty.

To understand his truth.

May 10 Psalm 27 2016 bWhen I am in trouble, he keeps me safe.  He holds me close and gives me hope.  He helps me rise above my problems where I can find joy and success again.

I sing praises to God!

I know you hear my voice when I call, Lord.

You are merciful and you answer.

I want to know more about you, dear God.  Help me see you.  Help me understand.

Sometimes I feel angry even though I know you will always help me when I call.

I sometimes feel rejected by the people who are most important to me, God.

But you never reject me.

Teach me your truth, Lord.

Lead me on the right path.

Keep me away from those who would do harm to me or tell lies about me.

I am confident of this – God is good and I will experience his goodness for the rest of my life.

I will be strong whenever I am waiting for God to speak.

I will have joy as I watch for God to move.

I will have confidence in God every day, forever.

Thank you, Abba Father.

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