Its Time to Act

Accept God’s Word as truth.

Memorize God’s word.

Open your ears to his wisdom.

Work to understand God’s word.May 16 2016 time to act

Call out to God for insight.

Cry out to God for understanding.

Look for insight like it was a pile of silver.

Search for understanding like it was a hidden treasure.

THEN, you will understand and know God.

Are you serious about growing your relationship with God?

Are you willing to invest time and energy into knowing God better?May 16 b 2016 time to act

Proverbs 2 begins with this awesome call to action for serious Christ-followers.

Does this list describe you and  your relationship with God?

If not, this a great list of actions to help you get started.

Right now.

We are crying out for wisdom and understanding, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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