How often are we on ‘auto-pilot’ when it comes to our relationship with God?

Going through the motions?

In Isaiah 29, God tells his people that their worship is meaningless because it is based on human rules while their hearts stay far away from him.  They are saying the right words but they don’t mean it.July 6 2016 meaningless

God can tell the difference.  He knows when our hearts are engaged.  He knows our thoughts and our intentions.

Our love for God shines bright when its authentic.


And when its based on a personal relationship, not just traditions that we have been taught by others.

God sees right into our hearts and knows if we are sincere.  He knows if we’re serious about our faith.

There is no ‘faking it’ with God.

Please help us worship you and love you like you want us to, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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