Trusting in Lies

Our culture is full of lies.

We are constantly barraged with wrong information, manipulated ‘facts’ and skewed perspectives.

We truly can’t just believe what anybody tells us.

This is why I am so determined to build my life on the truth of God….and not what people/the media tells me.

I need to read and hear the truth from God through his Word myself.

As we read through Jeremiah, we see him dealing with many false prophets.  These prophets are saying they have heard a word from God but God tells Jeremiah that he didn’t send them.August 2016 trusting the lies

The reality is that our pastors and religious teachers can do the same thing.  They can tell us ‘truth’ in the name of God but it isn’t from God.

This is a scary thought.   How do I know if my pastors and teachers are speaking God’s truth?

I’ll know if its God’s truth when I know what God has said in his word.

Everything we hear – even from our pastors and teachers – needs to be put through the filter of what we know to be God’s truth.

We know it because we read it, we study it, we memorize it, we meditate on it and we pray in line with it.

I need to know the truth so I don’t believe the lies.

What about you?

Please open our eyes to your truth, Abba Father.


What do you think?

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