How Did I Get Here?

We can spend all of our lives just reacting to whatever happens to us.

Our days quickly fly by as we focus on taking care of the urgent.

Meanwhile, we totally miss the important.

God tells us several times in the first couple of chapters of Haggai that we should give careful thought to our ways.

Where are the decisions we are making going to take us?

If we give careful thought to our choices and plans today, we should not be surprised by where we end up.

In Haggai, God told the Israelites that they had done a lot of planting but they had harvested little.  They ate but they were still hungry.  They drank but it was never enough.sept-26-2016-give-careful-thought

Do you ever feel like that?  It’s never enough?

Do you lack contentment and peace and fulfillment?

I think we all do at various times…..but is it an everyday thing for any of us?

God tells us to give careful thoughts to our ways…..

because our choices are going to determine our destination.

Take a look….sept-26-2016-give-careful-thought-b

if you don’t like where you’re headed, you can change your direction.

And the best direction you can choose is to turn towards God.

He is always ready

and willing

to help.

Thank you, dear Father.

5 thoughts on “How Did I Get Here?

      1. Hi, Donna. I was told the Word Press This Button replaced the reblog button. It lets you reblog the beginning of my post and then directs them to my blog to read the rest so the view shows up on my blog. I didn’t know that had changed. Now we both know 🙂

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