Am I Good Enough?

Being ‘good enough’ is not our goal.

Getting our act together is not our goal.

Checking all the boxes – keeping busy with ‘God’ stuff – is not our goal.

The historical account of Jesus’ baptism tells us what pleases God.

We do.

When we trust in and are redeemed by Jesus through his sacrifice on the cross, we are adopted by God and become his precious children.

‘Joint heirs with Jesus’ – as an old hymn describes it.

As I read about Jesus’ baptism, I realize that he hadn’t started his ministry yet.  He hadn’t DONE anything for God except be his son.  But God was ‘well pleased’

Let’s take a moment to let that soak in, my brothers and sisters.

Jesus was God’s son and God was pleased with him – before his ministry began.  Before he did any miracles.  Before he did any teaching.

You and I are God’s children – and he is pleased with us.i-am-pleased

Feel his smile shining down on you.

Feel his unconditional love.

Feel his forgiveness for any guilt that is weighing heavy on your shoulders.

Feel his peace flow over you in a supernatural way.

Feel his strength flow through you as he walks right beside you each day.

Let his joy fill your heart today.

Don’t DO anything.  Just feel the pleasure he has as he looks at you.  He sees himself in you.  We are all created in his image, yet each one of us reflects different aspects of him – making us all uniquely his.

You are very important to him.  He has made you special.

And he is pleased.

Thank you, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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