I’m Laying By The Healing Waters….

fDSC_0489waiting to be healed….

wondering when its going to happen…

wondering if its going to happen.

All of us have some part of our life that is bruised or broken.

It’s not always a physical thing.  Many times its emotional or spiritual.

And so we lay next to cripple at the Pool of Bethesda….hoping to be healed.

I had the privilege to visit this tranquil, beautiful place 2 years ago.  The peace I felt in that spot was magnified by the conflict and tension that defines the city of Jerusalem.  If felt like nobody living there liked anybody else.  The air was filled with ‘you don’t belong here’ hatred.

But not at this pool.

It was quiet.

Smaller than I had imagined from reading about it in John 5.fDSC_0490

I wish I could go back there now – to lay at the side of the pool, waiting for healing.  A tragedy in my life this last year has taken away a big chunk of my contentment and joy.

And I want it back.

I know I can’t go back to the pool right now – maybe some day.  But I know where to go to be made whole again.

My Abba Father is in the process of healing my brokenness.  It’s not easy and not something I thought I would ever experience.

I am thankful for my healer.

I am waiting by the pool, Abba Father.

6 thoughts on “I’m Laying By The Healing Waters….

  1. Denise Krebs

    God bless you, Judy. Thank you for sharing. God holds all the pieces of your broken heart, and he has collected every tear in his bottle. Psalm 56:8

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