Our Gift







The gift of the Holy Spirit came down upon the believers after Jesus ascended into heaven.  This is the same gift we receive today when we trust in Jesus and accept him as our Savior.purple-gift

The power of the Spirit of God dwells within us…

Guiding us – if we’re listening – in the way we should go.

Helping us make the right choices, avoiding the traps laid out in front of us by the Evil One.

He helps us discern the truth – a very difficult task in our culture today.

The Holy Spirit gives us boldness to share the Good News of the Redeeming Love of our Savior with our family, friends, neighbors and everyone in our sphere of influence.

The Holy Spirit encourages us when our journey gets tough and we experience the trials of existence on this planet.

The Holy Spirit comforts us in a way no earthly being can comfort us.  Our Creator wraps his arms around us, drawing our broken pieces close to him and lovingly mending us into a stronger person when we trust in his goodness.

The Gift – more valuable than anything we could have ever imagined to ask for.

The Spirit of God living within us.

Thank you for the Gift, Abba Father.

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