We don’t know.

We’re confused.

We’re not sure what we believe.

OR what we believe is not based on the truth.

The Apostle Paul would call this ignorance.

Ignorance isn’t a very PC word these days – it sounds judgmental and condescending.

But it’s really just a lack of knowledge and information.who-do-you-say-i-am

This was a great description of the religious group Paul was talking to in Athens in Acts 17.

And its a GREAT descriptor for many people today.  They just don’t know.

A lot of very smart people have their heads full of a mishmash of half-truths about religion and God that they have received from other also uninformed people.  Or – even worse – they believe the lies they have read on media and social media.

They don’t know.  They lack accurate information.

By definition – they are ignorant.

Paul stayed in Athens for quite a while so he could teach in the synagogue and reason with this group of religious people.

Some sneered.  They didn’t listen and they remained ignorant.

Others listened, studied the scriptures themselves and believed.  And they knew what they believed.

How much do you know about God?

How much have you researched and studied for yourself?

Listening to pastors and teachers is great but that’s just the beginning of our personal journey toward the truth.  It’s the first step.

God wants to talk to us and teach us himself through his word.  Daily.

So we can know the truth.

So we can know God.

And be known.

Please open our minds, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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