Fan the Flame

Our passions….

burning inside of us.

The things we really care about.

When we are believers, God give us a passion for him and for his kingdom.  It’s our job to grow it and let God transform us so that we gradually become more like Jesus.

Paul tells Timothy – and us – in 2 Timothy that the Spirit God places inside of us gives us power.

God’s Spirit gives us love.

He gives us self-discipline.

We are meant to love God and follow him with power and self-discipline for the rest of our lives.

Paul tells Timothy – and us – to fan the flame of the gifts of the Holy Spirit which God has deposited within each

How are you fanning the flame?  What do your spiritual habits look like?

Maybe you regularly go to a Bible-believing and teaching church.  Great!  Do you participate?  Or just watch?  Do you go all of the time or once a month?

Fan the flame.

Maybe you read your Bible.  Great!  Do you read it daily or once in awhile?  Are you letting God transform you through his Word?  Are you listening and obeying?  Are you closer to God than you were a month a go?

Fan the flame.

Maybe you’re a part of a Small Group Bible Study.  Awesome!  Do you participate every week?  Do you meditate on the things you study, pray over them and let God change you?  Are you more like Jesus now than you were 6 months ago?

Fan the flame.

Just doing these activities is not the goal.  The goal is to let God into our hearts and minds so that he can change us from the inside out.  We fan the flame through our spiritual habits.

And God transforms us.

Thank you, Abba Father.


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