Get Lost!


Keeping my focus is a very tough thing to do.

So many priorities.  So many different ways to spend my time.  I have always been a significantly goal-oriented and focused person but it’s not easy.

There are just so many distractions in our current culture!

Do you feel that way?

So hard to focus!

And I think there are more distractions now than ever before……until I’m reading through the Old Testament and I realize how inconsistent the Israelites were.  When they had a good, faithful leader, they were on target with God.  When the faithful leader died, they went right back to their old distractions – worshiping all kinds of pagan gods – just like everyone around them.

So many choices.

In the New Testament, Jesus tells us to focus our eyes on him.

Fix our eyes.

Don’t let them wander.

I regularly have to turn away from the distractions in my life in order to clear my focus and get centered on Jesus.  It’s the only way I can avoid getting lost in all of the noise and confusion that defines our culture.

Fixing my eyes means making God a priority in my life.  He needs to come before work, before hobbies, before family, before money, before TV and all the ‘screens’ in my life.  If he’s not up front in my life, I get distracted….



and I wander.

Please help me keep my eyes fixed on you, dear Jesus.

What do you think?

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