Psalm 90, 2017

Lord, you have been walking beside us since the beginning of time.  Before you created the heavens and the earth, you were God.

You determine life and death.  A thousand years to is like a day to you.  I am like grass – new in the morning but dried up and withered by evening.

I cannot hide my sins from you.  I struggle through my life, moaning from trouble and sorrows.  I may live seventy or eighty years – however long my strength endures.

And then I will fly away…….

Please help me understand how quickly my life passes away here on earth so I may be wise in how I spend each moment.

And, sometimes, it feels I am here for too long, Lord.  Even though I have problems and trials, help me live each day in your love so I can be filled with the joy that only comes from you.

May your goodness and love shine through me.

Bless me, God, as I love you and serve you.

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