Isaiah 58, 2017

Stop pointing fingers.  Stop the malicious talk that doesn’t build up or encourage others.

Spend your time and energy on actually trying to meet the needs of the hungry and oppressed.

Then your light will shine in everything you do.

The LORD will go with you to guide you.  When you think you have used all your resources and have nothing more to give, he will give you strength for the rest of the journey.

When you are connected to the source of Living Water, you become like a beautiful garden – always blooming, continually growing and constantly bearing fruit.

When you are connected, you and the people you bring with you can use God’s power to rebuild the broken.  You can use God’s truth to help others build a foundation for their lives that will last.

When you are connected, God will work through you to repair and restore the people whose lives you touch.

Amen, Abba Father.  Let it be so.

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