Look Up!

Psalm 19, 2018

Look up and see how awesome our God is!

The never-ending skies above us announce the power and the glory of our Ceator!

Everyday the skies teach me more about you, Father God.  Night after night, they reveal your majesty.  The skies don’t use words but their message stretches out over the whole earth.  Everyone on this planet can know you, Creator God, just by looking up.

You command the sun to rise each day on one horizon and then circle above us until its sets on the other.  People of all nations everywhere feel its warmth.

You reveal your truth to me in your Word and it refreshes my soul by bringing my thinking back in line with your’s.  I can’t trust what people around me say but I can always trust what you say.

When I follow your guidance, God, you make me wise.  Choosing to do what is right brings joy to my heart.

Your Word lights my path.  I will love and respect you forever!

Your Word is my firm foundation.  Thank you for teaching me what is right, Father.  Your Word is more valuable than money and it proves that you only want the best for me.

You warn me of dangers ahead and your Spirit convicts my spirit when I have done something wrong.  Forgive me, Father.  Keep my eyes focused on you so I can avoid bad choices and the evil which presses in all around me.

May my words and my thoughts please you, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.

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