What Do I Choose?

I can be like a bush in the wastelands dwelling in a parched place of the desert.  Dry.  Empty. Hot.


I can be like a tree planted by the water, sending my roots deep into the stream so I have no fear when the heat comes.  My leaves stay green and I always bear fruit.

God tells me through Jeremiah that it’s my choice.  I will be like a parched bush if I put my trust in people.

If I choose to sink my roots deep into my relationship with God,

if I choose to trust in the LORD and keep my confidence in him,

I will thrive.  I will grow.  I will have no fear.

No contest – right?

I love when God encourages me through words like these.  It feels like he is patting me on the back, saying “You’re on the right path.”  This is the the journey I want to be on.   It’s taking me where I want to go – sinking my roots deep into the Stream of Living Water.

I’m grateful you are on this journey with me.

We love you, Abba Father.

2 thoughts on “What Do I Choose?

  1. marmo303@aol.com

    Judy, I want to thank you for sharing these posts regularly. They are always inspiring and help keep me close to our Father. I know you have a daily battle with your loss, but take heart int the fact God is using your pain to help so many people. Last year my sister in law in Ohio shared one of your posts. She was Surprised when we told her we knew you. I pray for you always and praise God for the messages He is sharing through you! God bless you! 💙 Love you! Marilyn PS, have you thought about speaking? I told the women’s ministry they should have you come to our retreat next year. ( if you’re not ready for that yet, come as a participant)

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    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Marilyn. Yes, the women’s ministry has asked me to share some of my journey in October and that’s definitely what God has asked me to do. 💙💙

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