Fill It Up!

“The cloud filled the temple and the court was full of the radiance of the glory of the LORD.”

This was one part of a vision that God have to Ezekiel and I love visualizing this when I’m in a worship service where something annointed is happening.  The church family I was a part of before our last move gave a simple explanation of the Great News at the end of each teaching and then invited anyone who had not accepted God’s gift of grace to do it that day.  I love this because I think too many churches assume everyone who is sitting in the pew is a Christ-follower.

During the prayer that always followed their invitation, I got into the habit of watching in my mind as the Spirit of God filled the room.  This huge cloud of grace and love and goodness would roll in over our heads, filling the space and hanging there – crowding out worries and disbelief and regrets – blessing us with the glory of God’s radiance.

I know God is with us all the time but I got goosebumps when I visualized the cloud of God’s spirit billowing in and changing people’s lives – redeeming them from their past mistakes and giving them a light for their futures.

Thank you for filling our lives with your grace and love, Abba.   You are a good, good Father.

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