Truth – Not Lies

It’s a struggle, isn’t it?

Figuring out which way to go is not easy.  Discerning between truth and lies is tough.  Avoiding the bad decision to give into temptations – those things that are very attractive to us but aren’t good for us.

I am very inspired and encouraged by the account of Jesus’ temptation in the desert.  Satan approached Jesus when he was at his weakest point – after a 40-day fast.  Of course, Satan offers him a way to get good food fast.  After a 40 day fast?  I can’t imagine it.

This is what Satan does to you and me, too.  He waits until we are most vulnerable and then dangles the carrot – or the bottle of beer, or the dish of ice cream, or the credit card – in front of us.

Satan tried to coax Jesus into turning some of the stones within his reach into bread.  “You need some food, Jesus.”

Satan also tried to get Jesus to show his strength and to prove his identity by jumping off the temple so the angels could swoop in with a big dramatic flare and save him.

Satan tried to appeal to Jesus’ human need for recognition and ‘more’ by offering him all the kingdoms of the world.

In each situation, Jesus replies with scripture.  Of course he does.  Because those are his Father’s words which are always true and always wise.

What a great role model for me! And for you!  When we are tempted, we should see what God has to say about it.  I’ve found it’s even better to memorize scripture so, just like Jesus, we can recall God’s words right in the middle of a situation.

That’s one of the reasons I love this account of Jesus’s life so much.  God does this in my life.  When I need truth and wisdom and I ask him for it, God highlights some of the scripture in my brain that I have memorized.

God has etched truth and wisdom into my head and he uses it daily to guide me.

Thank you, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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